News // Upcoming: Theme Weeks

I want to introduce a new (special) series on my blog: Theme Weeks! The idea of theme weeks is to choose a certain theme of the week, which could be something like a challenge theme (for example, Shop my Stash or Wishlist) or a product type (such as Highlighters or Blush) and spend the week pushing out reviews, looks, or other content that fits said theme. When this happens, obviously normal content (such as unboxings) will be put on hold for the week, so I won’t be doing huge amounts of theme weeks so that I can still put out my normal content as well.

The first theme week will be next week, May 14 – 20! The theme will be Wishlist WeekAs I spent several days getting over a particularly nasty illness, I had a lot of time to essentially pine over makeup items… that I couldn’t buy thanks to a pile of medical bills and a birth month full of fun. Now that I’m traveling (visiting my family), recovering more from my illness, and hopefully working quite a bit this week, I wanted to put together something fun that I could schedule ahead of time to keep my blog updated while I’m away.

I have a few ideas for some various theme weeks I’d like to do later on, and I’d appreciate your feedback into what you’d want to see. Let me know in the comments if there are any here you want to see most. I’m always looking for new ideas as well, so don’t hesitate to suggest something!

  • Shop my Stash Challenge Looks: I’ve seen a lot of YouTube videos of challenges where they buy top-rated products from the drugstore or Sephora, or bottom-rated products, or try to do $10 and under challenges, etc. Instead of going out and buying these items, I could “shop my stash” and do a video demo of using my products: top rated drugstore, top rated mid/high end, bottom rated products (in general),
  • Base Bash: Aka, foundation week. Seven days of foundation first impression/reviews. I haven’t done many recently due to being busy and ill, but I have many bases to test out.
  • Ten to Recommend Week: Seven posts in seven days about ten products in different categories I’d recommend (primers, foundations, face color products, lipsticks, eyeshadow palettes, various eye products, skin care, etc)
  • Seven Deadly Sins Week: Each day of the week would be devoted to a different “deadly sin,” and I’d post a look to go along with the theme of the sin.
  • Yin and Yang- Chinese Zodiac Week: Unlike others, this would include one introductory post describing the challenges + 6 daily posts, each combining the two Chinese zodiac signs that pair together, like yin and yang (I have so many ideas for this one).
  • Indie Week: Each day for a week, I’d feature a different beauty/cosmetics indie brand and some swatches, reviews, and/or looks from that brand.
  • Other product review weeks: essentially, weeks dedicated to reviewing different product types, such as a highlighter week, a blush week, etc.

Again, I want to reiterate that I couldn’t push out the content one week after the next, but I thought these would be fun to prep for, challenge me to do different looks, and yes, some of them would require video. Having some content ready to go for some theme weeks would also free up some of my time as I go- I could prep a month in advance for some of the challenges. What would you be interested in seeing? Let me know below!



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