Wishlist Week // Day 1: ColourPop Wishlist

Welcome to Wishlist Week! This may not be the best/biggest/most interesting theme week, but I’m experiencing some serious FOMO. So, let’s get into what I would be buying if I had the money and was not on any kind of no/low-buy.

I’ll say it. I’m not a huge ColourPop fan. Don’t get me wrong here- there’s nothing horrible about (most) of their products. However, I’m a little tired of the hype- let’s be honest about what they are: decent quality for drugstore prices.

That said, there are still some ColourPop items I want to try, but because of my no-buy, I need to stay strong! In order to help me not place an impulse purchase, I’m going to go over the items I would be buying instead.


  • Waffle Highlight Trio ($20)
  • Monster ($8)


  • Tassel ($5)
  • Wattles ($5)
  • Dance Party ($5)
  • Tang ($5)

Lip Products:

  • Deja Vu Blotted Lip ($5)
  • Contempo Pencil (to go with my 3-Way Metallic Lip) ($5)
  • Femme Ultra Satin Liquid Lip ($6)
  • Viper Pencil (to go with my Viper Ultra Matte) ($5)

Yeah, looking at my wishlist, I definitely do not need to spend $69 on the “top” products I want… But they are fun to look at!

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