Wishlist Week // Day 4: Mid to High End Palettes

I was going to do one, giant Sephulta Wishlist for makeup. Then I realized that was ridiculous. Instead, today’s wishlist is going to be my top 5 most wanted mid-to-high end (eyeshadow) palettes.


Kat Von D Alchemist. Every time I see this, I want it. Every time I see it, I find a way to talk myself out of it. It doesn’t change me wanting it, though, and it’s high on my wishlist should I ever get a gift card (my #1 reason for not purchasing it: believing it may not get enough use for how expensive it is and how little product is actually in it). A friend of mine has it, and every time she uses it, I’m amazed. Honestly, $32 isn’t that expensive, but for only four pans, it definitely seems up there for a product I won’t get daily use out of it.


Viseart Cool Mattes Eyeshadow Palette. I own Bijoux Royal, and while I love the quality of these shadows, the colors I own definitely have a time and place and “everyday” is not one of them. While this palette looks a bit dark, it looks like I could create a few fun yet work-appropriate looks from this… with hours of entertainment and luxe feels. $80 is still a hefty price tag for me, though, and one of those “save up” items.


Natasha Denona Eyeshadow Palette 28 (Purple Blue). Speaking of ultra luxe, this $239 palette has been on my most wanted list since I found it. I’m just imaging the range of oceanic mermaid artsy looks I can create with this… all tamed down by my glasses. This is such as inspirational palette for me, but one that I will probably never own due to the price tag associated with it.


Pretty Vulgar Pretty Birdie Eyeshadow Palette. This is a brand new brand to Sephora, and I’m just in love with the packaging on this guy. At “only” $35, this is a more affordable palette than the previous, but it has some quite fun colors with two light colors to create some dimension in the look. I’m definitely interested in this!


Too Faced Totally Cute Palette. I’m a huge sucker for adorable things, especially when they remind me of my childhood. Putting stickers all over colorful things? Definitely my childhood. I want this palette so much, and I have several other Too Faced 9-pans… and once upon a time, I purchased this $36 palette on a super sale only to have customer service email me that it was out of stock and they simply refunded me the price. This has been on my “need to get” list ever since- but I doubt I’ll ever find it for such a good deal.

So, there are my top 5 mid to high end palettes I want in my life. If I were to buy them all right now, I’d spend $422… yikes. Good thing these are only items on my wishlist- not items I’m buying!


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