Wishlist Week // Day 5: One Indie Brand, One Item

Since I only have two more days after this day left in wishlist week, I’m going to get creative. I could be boring and just list items I want from different brands, but let’s make this harder for me. If I could only get one item from some various indie brands, what would it be? Let’s see!!

Twisted Wonderland Perfumery: Custom Scent Creation!


Yes, that’s right! Twisted Wonderland allows you to create your own scent. I would choose a perfume oil, and while the list of notes is super dupe long, I think I would go for a blend of: Strawberry Rhubarb, Pink Berry and Tonka Bean, and Vanilla Bourbon. To me, that sounds like a wonderful fruity summer scent- and only $14.50!

Deconstructing Eden: Persephone


This has got to be my favorite DE fragrance ever, and I only have a small 2.5ml spray bottle that’s about 2/3 gone. I need this in my life, and I’m going to order it again… some day. I would most likely get the 15ml bottle (as scents do change over time) for $18.

Sixteen92: Paper Moon


As lame as it sounds, I’d most likely get the cheap ($4.50) sample vial of this scent. I’ve never actually purchased Sixteen92 fragrances due to their price, but Paper Moon, with notes of vanilla musk, benzoin, oakmoss, ivy, peach blossom, and rose, sounds very intriguing.

Shiro Cosmetics: You’re Just as Sane as I Am

I was totally going to cheat on this one and say I’d order the whole Marauders, Mugwumps, and Muggles collection. Then I decided that was, in fact, cheating, and made myself choose one single product. I have a severe Luna Lovegood obsession- did I say that I once was Luna for Halloween, complete with her gargle-spotting glasses, hand-beaded dirigible earrings, and an upside down quibbler? And that I sewed- and painted- her skirt myself? I am a true Ravenclaw, but a bit. and this shadow now only would show my Ravenclaw (and Luna!) pride, but it would look beautiful on my fair skin, too. So much unf. And only $6.50!

Notoriously Morbid: Taro Mystic Matte


If I could only order one NM product, it would be their Mystic Matte in Tarot. It looks like such a perfect dusty mauve color for my skin- not too purple, but not too brown. I’ve been lusting after this since I started getting Notoriously Morbid’s Vanishing Cabinet. While I’d want to support the indie business, I’d most likely get the small size for $4.50 instead of the larger one for $12.

Epically Epic Soap Co: Custom Scented Roll-On Perfume


I know- I love custom fragrances! I’d probably ask for a blend of black currant tea (my favorite fruit) and Vanilla Vetiver. I don’t know. I’d want to go visit her and smell everything and create a custom blend myself. Because that doesn’t sound weird at all. Like Twisted Wonderland’s Create-a-Scent, this won’t sent me back too much- only $15!

Darling Girl Cosmetics: Mermaid Beach Babe Eye Shadow – Ghoul School

Why this one? For a few reasons. One, mermaids. Two, Monster High (which, while I do not keep up with, has sentimental value because I’d watch it with my sisters). Three, it’s a totally unique blue that I don’t have and can think of so many fun summer looks to feature. Did you know a full-size Darling Girl shadow is only $3.50? Now you do.

Fyrinnae Cosmetics: Powder Blush in Seduce


Lilac/mauve blushes are my next “thing.” I can just tell that when fall/autumn hits, I’ll be all over these muted, cool-toned blushes (I mean, I totally would be now, too). The full-size version of Fyrinnae blushes are $10, but I’d probably start with a small sample for $1.75 to try out the color.

Hello Waffle: Furry Godmewther

This loose eyeshadow is a “blurple” (read: actual violet) with aqua and pink shift/shimmers. Not only is this a beautiful color, but the inspiration is obviously a mix of cats and fairy godmothers. You know, two of the most fantastical things ever. A full-size loose shadow only sets you back $7.30, too. Not bad.

None of the other indie brands I know of have been speaking to me recently, but I think that’s quite a few brands I’ve gone over! If I were to buy all of these (and, somehow, didn’t have to pay shipping… ugh), all of these items (in their chosen size) would cost about $75.55 together. Maybe when I do Indie Week? 🙂


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