Wishlist Week // Day 6: Mid to High End Foundation

One of the main reasons I started my blog was to help me catalog all of the foundations I’ve tried to help me find my truly perfect base.

Over time, I’ve come to accept how absolutely expensive this endeavor can be, so I don’t buy a lot of foundations anymore. That doesn’t mean there aren’t new releases I really want to try, though! Here are my top picks that I’d love to try.

AmorePacific: MOISTURE BOUND Tinted Treatment Moisturizer in 102.


This is the first one in my list, and for a few reasons. One, it’s summer, and I’d like something nice and airy like a k-beauty tinted moisturizer. Two, it matches the 1Y02 ColorIQ that I’ve had decent luck matching so far. Three, it is supposed to be amazing for dry, sensitive skin! It’s first ingredient is bamboo juice. How cool! But it’s also $70, and for that kind of price, I need to know it works first.

Giorgio Armani: Power Fabric in Shade 1.


Honesty time: I’ve always wanted to try a Giorgio Armani foundation, but every time I’ve gotten a sample, I could tell the color was way too dark. While this claims to be a cool/rosy undertone, it doesn’t look super-dupe pink in swatches online- but it does look quite light. This claims to sit well on dry skin but still provide a matte finish in full coverage that lasts for sixteen hours. It just sounds like a miracle for my job! $64 isn’t too terribly expensive for the claims, but it’s still solidly three times as expensive as my current “good enough” match, and the reviews are… iffy at best.

Hourglass: Vanish Seamless Finish Foundation in Blanc or Porcelain.


I’m thinking no to Alabaster solely because it says “cool undertones” and I do think I’m more of a neutral, but I can’t decide if Blanc or Porcelain could, potentially, match my skin better. The idea of a full coverage but satin finish stick foundation is intriguing to me- I’ve only tried one stick foundation, and the color match was quite off if I remember correctly. Having a stick foundation would sure make travel easier, but the $46 price tag for literally 1/4 the size of a standard foundation makes me think a moment before splurging.

Laura Mercier: Candleglow Soft Luminous Foundation in Shell, Creme, or Ivory.


This $48 foundation is about typical for Sephora prices, and it doesn’t appear to be loaded with silicones (which tend to create some filaments in my pores with extended wear). However, claims are of minimal coverage (sheer, but buildable to medium), and I’m unsure if any of their current offerings will fit me well. I might need to mix this with some chromatic mixers to get my true tone.

Nars: Sheer Glow in Mont Blanc.


Why do I want this foundation? According to Sephora, this shade matches 1Y02 (which I believe I am). The last time I went into the store, I had the sales associate match me, and she ended up choosing Mont Blanc for me. I wanted to try it out before buying it, but she only did half of my cheek… so I’m still on the fence. For a medium coverage, dry skin foundation with a radiant natural finish, it almost sounds too good to be true! For $47, though, I can’t justify it without actually sampling first. Note: I’m also interested in the Nars All Day Luminous, but I’ve heard it runs a bit darker. 

Pretty Vulgar: Bird’s Nest Blurring Beauty Mousse Foundation in Pretty Porcelain


This is a brand-new brand to Sephora, so naturally I’m curious! It seems very silicone-based, but it claims to moisturize, prime, and even skin-tone all in one- which seems like a great base if nothing else for a foundation with more coverage. It’s $44, so I’d like to be able to see the color before ordering it.

Tarte: Rainforest of the Sea Water Foundation in Porcelain, Fair Beige, or Fair Neutral?


I’ve heard some really good things about the coverage and finish of this foundation- Porcelain or Fair Beige might be a good match (Fair Neutral is matched a little darker than my skin tone). I think this foundation would also be a good candidate to test out mixers (water-based of course). Not knowing my exact shade makes it quite difficult to actually purchase this though, because $39 is quite a fair bit of change for a gamble.

Wander Beauty: Flash Focus Hydrating Foundation Stick in Fair.s1813948-main-LheroThis is the second (and only other) stick foundation on my list, and I think you know I’m curious about this type of foundation in general! This one in particular makes the list because a) it’s ColorIQ matches to 1Y02, which is usually a good match for me, and b) it claims to work on all skin types and for any level of coverage you need. It’s less expensive than the other stick ($40) for slightly more product (.32 oz). It’s also cruelty free, which is always a plus.

Of course, I won’t be picking up every single foundation on this list- not for a while, at least, as all together this would be $398 in foundation. However, I may pick up a couple sample-sized decants to do some foundation review tests in the future.


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