Unboxing // Ipsy May 2017


Well, we’re back to some standard posts this week, and what better way to kick off my normal content than with an unboxing post?! Today’s unboxing: Ipsy May 2017.


The bag this month came wrapped in hot pink tissue paper- to me, this was actually pretty cute and helps add to the suspense of the products, since the bag design this month was clear.


Now, let’s get into the actual items!

  • South Mane Macadamia Oil Treatment. This is a small (10ml) dropper bottle of hair oil. This hair oil touts using macadamia nut oil, but it’s main ingredients are silicones. Deluxe sample. Value: $1.70
  • Pacifica Island Life Palette. An Ipsy Exclusive, this five-shade palette is pretty small and travel-friendly. The shades in this are a little on the warmer side, but they remind me of island flowers and coconuts. It also smells slightly of coconut! This palette was actually my May sample choice. It contains 3.6 grams. Exclusive mini-palette size. Value: $8.84 (based off of 5.7g palettes at Ulta)


    Top to bottom: Silky Eye Pen in Black Noir, Mini Matte Lipstick in Tuscan Wine, Afterglow Highlight in Sin, all five of the shades in the Pacifica Island Life Palette

  • Urban Decay Afterglow Highlighter in Sin. This is a 2.4g sample, which is actually pretty generous. It looks like a full-size eyeshadow. The highlight is a pretty color, a bit like a warmer champagne. Smooth swatches. Only downside: I already have this. Deluxe sample. Value: $9.60.
  • Pixi Endless Silky Eye Pen in Black Noir. This black gel pencil liner is actually pretty good quality, but the tip is fairly thick… and who needs another black liner? I’m also a bit confused by the size of this- it’s 0.8g of product, full-size is 1.2g, and well, there’s a mini version available for sale at Target, too, that I can’t figure out the size of. Deluxe sample. Retail value: $6-8
  • Trestique Mini Matte Lipstick in Tuscan Wine. I’ve received this product before in another color, and I do like them alright. This color looks like a medium-dark pinky-red on me, and it’s a fairly comfortable formula in a crayon package, making it easy to apply whenever. The full-size version of this actually comes with a “glossy balm” as well as this matte lip crayon. Deluxe sample. Retail value: $4.60-5.60 (depending upon how you divide up value with the balm)

Overall thoughts: With a retail value rounding out around $30.74 to $33.74 (depending upon how you do value), this isn’t a bad bag by any means. However, it’s definitely not the best bag I’ve received for me. I have the UD highlighter already. I don’t need any more black pencil liners (they gave me one last month, too). The hair oil is useless for me (since I have so many others I really, really like). My own personal value comes from the lipstick at the palette, both items that I do really like and I’m glad I have now. Even still, this makes this bag just barely worth what I paid for it. I’m still a bit ambivalent.



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