Unboxing // Sephora PLAY! May 2017

Some things in life bother me than the ought. I missed last week’s Thankful Thursday due to the Theme Week, and I think that (coupled, of course, with a lot of personal and work problems going on) has left me feeling a little put out. At the time I’m writing this, I have five unboxings to get to! Five of them! The idea is daunting.

However, I will say this: I was pleasantly surprised by my Sephora box, and that’s probably why this one is going up before many of the other posts. My box came a little later than most it appears, as before mine had even shipped, I saw unboxing posts on Reddit.

I tried very hard to exhibit self-control and wait and let my Play! box be a total surprise. I didn’t look at spoilers. I didn’t open any posts. I accidentally saw a glimpse of somebody’s box while scrolling through, but I closed the tab immediately. I hyped it up, hoping that this box would be wonderfully pleasant but secretly expecting a disappointment.

Spoiler: I was not disappointed.


The box came like any other, with it’s standard Sephora black and white stripes. However, I noticed that they really shook things up once I opened the box. Unlike the traditional canvas drawstring bags, all of the products came in this clear PVC bag with “Play” written all over it. I’m a little ambivalent. I do love the canvas drawstrings, and this new bag feels a little cheap, but it’s also different and fun and makes me hopeful for new bags in the future. Hopefully, at any rate.


The products this month are really what got me. Why? Let’s go over them!

  1. Rahua Omega 9 Hair Mask. Okay, so I’m starting with the least exciting. This is a hair treatment mask that supposedly contains omega-9 fatty acids from sunflower seeds to help restore shine to your hair. I like the idea of this, but it does contain shea butter. That said, I can probably still use it; because this is a hair product, the shea won’t be sitting on my skin to start itching it and drying it out. The other downside? If I like this, it’s expensive. A 200ml full-size of this product costs $58! Deluxe sample, 22ml. Retail value: $6.38
  2. belif Hungarian Water Essence. I’m always looking for new hydrating products, and honestly this one seems awesome. Low levels of silicones, high levels of anti-inflammatory and moisturizing essences, mostly water-based, and no shea? It appears to be more of a light moisturizer, but given how my skin is doing currently, I’m excited to add it in! This is one of those “excited to have but hopefully won’t want to repurchase” products, as the full-size version is only 75ml and costs $42. Deluxe sample; 10ml. Retail value: $5.60
  3. Tre’Stique Mini Highlight Stick in Maldives. So, this one is another ambivalent product I’m determined to love. This is a shea free version of a balm highlight, and the swatch of this does not appear overly warm the way that Watt’s Up is, nor is it as bold and frosty as Becca’s Pearl. I also do appreciate the size of this; it’s small enough to have a hope of actually using up! That said, the product did totally fall out when I opened up the lid, smooshing it a bit. I was able to transplant it back into the packaging, but it worries me a little. The full-size product is 6.1g and costs $34. Deluxe sample; 1.1g (according to Google searches; no size info on container). Retail value: $6.13


    Swatches! Nudestix Greystone on top; tre’Stique highlight in Maldives on bottom.

  4. Tatcha Pure One Step Camellia Cleansing Oil. love cleansing oils. It’s a mighty love. I do use a secondary cleanser, but I always wash my face with a cleansing oil if I’ve worn makeup. I have a current almost- Holy Grail cleansing oil, but sometimes I feel… not necessarily bored with it, but like my skin can just get too used to it. I love having variety, and honestly, I’ve been really wanting to try this one out for a while. Plus, the size of this is perfect for travel. The full-size product is 150ml and costs $48. Deluxe sample; 15ml. Retail value: $4.80
  5. Nudestix Magntic Matte Lip Color in Greystone. I love getting lip products, especially when they are new-to-me formulas that are shea free. This one is both. The staying power (and smudge-less-ness) of this product from the swatch amazes me. For a “mini” or deluxe sample, this is actually very generous- it says 2.5g of product, compared to the full-size of 2.8g! Even though I’m not sure I’ll be sold on this color, I’m super excited to try it out and maybe mix it with some others crayon/pencil type products I own. Deluxe sample; 2.5g. Retail value: $21.43
  6. Tocca Perfume in Stella. The perfume sample vial this month is Tocca’s Stella. Which is actually a perfume I own a roller bottle of! This comes in a small spray, which I am more than content with (I love having multiple “delivery methods” for a scent). This perfume has a citrus overlay with some floral mid-notes and a light base of sandalwood and musk. It feels very sophisticated and yet in-season. I love it! Sample vial; estimated 1.5ml. Retail value: $2.16

Overall, I’m pleased with this box. Most of the products are those “I’d never buy this for myself” kind of product because of price, so getting all of this for $10 is a steal! The retail value of this box came out to be $46.50- over four and a half times the price. In terms of personal value, I’m really unsure. The value I assign items lately have more to do with product use and application, and that is hard to determine off of a first impression.


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