Unboxing // Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet May 2017

I always look forward to my monthly Vanishing Cabinet. If you’re familiar with me and my personal values, then you know I love supporting independent business, especially the smaller, hand-crafted variety! I was so excited for this month’s Vanishing Cabinet!

This month’s VC had five total products: four shadows and one Mystic Matte. There’s also some Double Bubble bubble gum. Unlike last month, this VC is not a “full face” curation. I have mixed emotions about this; I liked the idea of having everything I need in front of me with details on how to use what, but I also love having products that are more curated to a theme rather than a look. This month’s theme is Evil Dead, a franchise I know of but have not really explored.


So let’s get into the swatches! Here we have them under low levels of natural light and with flash.

  • Evil Ash: This is a very lime-green-yellow shimmer shade- it looks actually chartreuse! To me, this is a strange blend of cool and warm tones; it’s not a totally cool yellow, nor is it a warm green. I don’t think it looks good against my skin, but it’s definitely a fun, unique color.
  • Hail to the King, Baby: This is a dark purple shade with blue-green shimmer (this is very hard for me to determine exactly; it may be teal). It’s a little patchy and difficult to get a good swatch on, but it’s a very lovely shade.
  • Groovy: A deep indigo shade, reminiscent of dark wash jeans, with pinky shimmer. The shimmer is less noticeable than in Hail to the King, Baby- but you can definitely tell IRL. I’m unsure how this will look on my eyes; plums and purples tend to turn brownish on me, but I’m worried deep, muted blues might look like a bruise.
  • Gimme Some Sugar: A very pale lavender with multidimensional shimmer- the shimmer really is in every color! This is the only truly light shade and could be used as an inner corner highlight or for a halo eye.
  • This is My Broomstick!: This Mystic Matte is a dark, vampy brownish plum. It’s beautiful, dries down well, and has great lasting power… it also imparts a stain that lasts through everything, so beware!

I’ve been wondering lately about the exact size of these products and retail value, and truth be told, I’m still not sure how much product is in the containers. I’m fairly certain they are all Mini sizes- each Mini shadow is $2.75 on NM’s website, and the Mini Mystic Matte is $4.50. That makes this worth $15.50 (without factoring in shipping costs). I find NM’s products are very reasonably priced as is, so even though this isn’t as cost-effective as I like my mainstream subs, I am very happy with this sub overall.

I’m also considering doing more Sub Box Overview posts to build a compendium of subscription boxes- and the one I’m working on currently is for Vanishing Cabinet. Let me know what kind of sub box posts you’d be interested in!




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