Sub Boxes // Goodbye, So Choix!

In the beauty box sphere, companies seem to come and go. For the last year, I have been subscribed to a beauty box called So Choix, a box which prepared small samples for you that you get to try out. I loved my subscription at first. It was a great way to try out new foundations and test colors before springing for the full-size version.

However, I have some sad news. As of May 11th, the company has been no longer. So Choix first listed “growing pains” as a reason why boxes and orders were slow to ship- in fact, my final two sample orders didn’t even ship for nearly a month! However, growing pains may not have been the right word. They released to some subscribers that they were insolvent and had to stop their shop. Yep- they couldn’t make ends meet and had to close!

Many people have different theories about why they had to close. It could be that few people wanted to pay for samples Sephora will give out for basically free. It could be that the brands themselves didn’t authorize the company to resell their items and there were potential lawsuits. It could be that the company was receiving several complaints and couldn’t keep up with the customer service… I don’t know, so I won’t state anything definitive.

For the sake of completion, I wanted to go through my last “order” of samples.

My last order was actually a double order because I kept forgetting to choose my samples. I chose ten products I most wanted to try, and they shipped them to me together. However, as I mentioned, this order took me quite a while to ship. From the time I placed the order to the time it was prepared? Four weeks. Four. FOUR. My final order did not even contain the products I originally asked for!


In this box, this is what I received:


Top to bottom: Skin Serum in Alabaster; Water Foundation in Porcelain; Even Finish in Alabaster

  • Bobbi Brown Intensive Skin Serum Foundation in Alabaster. This is a sample I did request. It’s much darker and orangey than anticipated. However, it came in a tube with one of those hard fabric tops that belong on a Too Faced Melted lipstick… not a good application method for foundation.
  • Tarte Water Foundation in Porcelain. Another requested item. This one actually looks how I expected it to look, minus that annoying applicator ti.
  • Bobbi Brown Even Finish Foundation in Alabaster. Requested. You’ll notice it looks funny in the picture; I
    took the tip off beforehand and actually did try this foundation out already.
  • Giorgio Armani Eye Tint in Camel Smoke. I did NOT request this product. It’s a liquid eye shadow in a warm brown shade which is basically not usable for me. Product not received: perhaps Nars All Day Luminous Foundation (a formula I had really wanted to try)
  • Smashbox Alwas On Liquid Lipstick in Big Spender. Another requested item, but this shade does not look like the “matte rose” I was expecting. This is more red than I was expected. I’m unsure if that’s just how Big Spender is or if I got a bad product… I might have to swatch this at Ulta.


    Top to bottom: Candlelight, Dandelion Twinkle, Rockateur, Big Spender, and Camel Smoke.

  • Fresh Rose Face Mask. My second not-request product. I think I actually have a deluxe sample of this around somewhere, which means this is redundant and unwanted. Thanks, sub box. Product not received: YSL Touche Eclat Radiance Awakening Foundation
  • Nars Soft Matte Complete Concealer in Vanilla. Uh. So, I did request this, but this looks nothing like Vanilla to me. It’s so dark compared to the RCC I have in Vanilla- and this makes me seriously wonder if this actually is the correct product and/or shade.


    Top: So Choix Soft Matte sample. Bottom: NARS RCC purchased from Sephora. Both supposedly Vanilla.

  • Kevin Aucoin The Celestial Powder in Candlelight.  Strike #3 for non-requested products. It isn’t much of a highlight IMO. It’s not the shade I would choose for myself. It doesn’t actually appear beige to me- more warm and yellow than beige. Product not received: Nars Illuminator in Copacabana. 

  • Benefit Dandelion Twinkle Powder. Requested. Looks okay? I don’t know what I should expect from this one, but it looks more peachy and yellow than I was expecting (I own the Dandelion blush).
  • Benefit Rockateur Blush. Also requested. Looks much warmer and orangey on my skin than in the pan. It’s supposed to be rose gold? Temptalia did say it’s a warm coral, and that’s how it swatches.

That’s three items I did not get and instead I was given a product I didn’t want. Knowing that the company is insolvent, I’m not surprised. I’m a little irritable though because I didn’t receive what I ordered and there is no way to fix it. Oh well, though. I will work through the products, review them, and move on.


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