Fragrances // Twisted Wonderland’s “Better Not Cry…”


Perfume Name: Better Not Cry…
Indie or Mainstream: Indie
Cost and size: $13.50 for 5ml perfume oil, $15 for 10ml eau de parfum. Available as soaps ($5), sugar scrubs ($8.50), 2oz body mists ($8), and lotion ($9.50).
Availability: Limited edition from Winter 2016/2017 (currently off market- sorry!)
Shop description: “Sweet strawberry pulp swirled into creamy milk with the smallest hints of powder, black currant, and oak in the background.”

My opinions: Holy sweet, syrupy candy, batman! Do you remember those creme saver candi? That’s exactly what this reminds me of. Very strong hints of artificial strawberry (not knocking it; I quite enjoy artificial strawberry), slightly creamier rather than tangy and clear… I don’t get the powder notes the same, nor am I able to tell there is black currant in the beginning. While there may be oak contributing in the base, the strawberry scent is far too strong to note the note in the beginning. It comes through only after a couple hours, and only very slightly according to my nose.

Longevity: Moderate (do I say this about all TWP oils?). I think this is just based on how my body chemistry reacts to the oils used in fragrance oils. The scent is very powerful for about 30 minutes, then slowly recedes. After a couple hours, the scent lingers where I applied it, but I have to seek it out for several hours until it is gone.

Sillage and throw: Low-moderate. Similar with the other TWP oils I have, it’s harder to tell without an atomizer. To me, the fragrance stopped appearing to throw within two hours and you would have to be quite close to smell it. While wearing it, I didn’t receive any comments from Boyfriend, which usually means it’s either very inoffensive or he can’t smell it too much so it’s inoffensive to him. He’s used to me smelling sweet and like candy, so I’m unsure if the smell was so light or if he simply didn’t put together that this was a perfume and not candy.

Where this scent takes me: Set the scene with me as a child, perhaps around 7. First, I’m in school, where my teacher at the time would pass out Cream Savers. That night, I’m in the kitchen of the house I spent my childhood, mixing up a small batch of cake batter with my Bake With Me Barbie. As I fall asleep after a job nicely baked, I’m transported into a dream of myself as a teenager, crafting strawberry shortcake with my little sister and mom, as a daydream of creating a similar dessert as an adult for a garden party.

When I would wear this: Late spring to summer, during the day. I find it too bright and sweet to be a nighttime or cold-weather scent. I also don’t see this as complex enough to use in a very professional setting. I honestly do not quite understand why this was created in the winter!

Would I purchase a larger size of this scent? While I am enjoying it, and I wish the sample vial was a little larger, I will most likely not seek out any full-size products. Part of this is because the scent is not one I can see being good for daily use (I don’t believe I will use up the vial before another, similar scent comes by), and part is because it is currently discontinued, so the efforts would be fruitless. I think it would be nice as a lotion, though!


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