Life Updates // October Vacation, Job Changes, Etc…

Hey everyone!

It’s been a while since the last time I’ve posted. My life has been a whirlwind lately. Where to begin?

So, first things first: we are not moving, and as far as I know, I’m not actually changing my career… at this moment.  I’ve applied to some positions in Milwaukee, where my sister is going to school, and I haven’t heard back, at all, from any of them. It’s been around a month or so, so that’s very disappointing. Now, my job is changing a little bit, but it’s not 100% finalized yet. First, I got a slight raise. Nothing huge, but now I’m making just a bit more, to the tune probably of around ~$40 more a month. I did say it’s slight! It’s definitely not enough to keep me from looking around at jobs that may be better experiences for my life goals, but it’s nice in the mean time. The second change is that my unit is going to self-scheduling, and the first bit about this is that our templates are changing. I’m actually quite displeased. A friend of mine from work volunteered to be in charge of this, although she did get some help from a nurse. My template, probably because I don’t have much seniority, is not what I want. I will no longer have long weekends (only 2-3 days off at a time, I believe), and I’m very angry because I have family that lives far away. This family is not family that can travel to me, so if I want to see them, I have to travel. This gives me no wiggle room and just… no. I’m angry about it, but there’s nothing I can do besides look for new jobs, which is what I’m doing. I don’t know when the new schedules will even start, nor how we are going to do self-scheduling anyway, so I’m very irritable and resistant to this to begin with.

Enough talk about what I’m unhappy with… let’s get into something else: vacation! My boyfriend and I have been talking about going on a vacation together, as we’ve been together for over five years and haven’t taken a real vacation yet. Well, now we have one planned! We are going to Tulum, Mexico in mid-October! We’re very excited; we’ll be staying four nights at an all-inclusive adult-only resort that’s about an hour from Cancun. While this might interfere with the new scheduling I talked about above, I made sure that I’d be able to call off if needed, which is why it’s not a very long vacation all things considered. If this one goes very well, we’ll look at saving up for another longer vacation sometime.

We leave in about 16 weeks, so I’m going to be trying really hard these next 16 weeks to get into better shape. My goal is to aim for around a loss of ~20 pounds, but it’s subject to change as I see what is doable for my lifestyle without becoming unhealthy. I figure 1.25 pounds/week is fairly doable.

Other minor things: I have a ton of unboxings to get to, but I’ve been pretty stressed out with work and home-related things on top of planning this trip, trying to be healthier and making healthier choices, etc. I will do my best to get them up, but it’s still a work in progress at this point. Quite a bit goes into my unboxings, not just taking some picture and typing up what was in the box. Also, I’ve signed up for a new “sponsorship” program called BzzAgent. I will be posting my reviews and thoughts about the items they send me, and just a warning: not all of them will be beauty related.

I think that’s about it for all my updates! Thanks for staying with me. Of course, I always welcome any questions, comments, or concerns. I write my blog for me and for all of you who read. Let me know what you enjoy seeing and what you want me to write more about!




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