Unboxing // BeautyCon Summer 2017

When I received the tracking info for a BeautyCon box, at first I was confused. I had planned to cancel this subscription as my first year (four boxes) contained mostly products I didn’t end up using much (especially products that were a terrible match for me). Then I remembered: they changed the billing, so I was hesitant on cancelling.

BeautyCon has removed the option for annual subscriptions, which is what I was on. Now, new subscribers can only buy the seasonal subscription, which is $29+$7 shipping or $36/box. For those who had an annual subscription, BeautyCon “grandfathered” a new subscription type, which is essentially the seasonal subscription minus the cost of shipping. Overall, this makes each box cost $29 total, whereas before it was about $33.50 after shipping per box with the annual rate.  Because the rate was so much better, and because I’d “lose” the offer if I cancelled, I remember keeping the sub as-is.

So, what came in the BeautCon Summer 2017 box? Let’s get into it!


The box itself is standard BeautyCon with the grid-pattern, but I really enjoy the shiny/holographic look to the slipcover. However, do you see what’s missing from this? Yes- it’s missing an influencer! Unlike most of their previous boxes, this box was not curated by an influencer. I’m currently ambivalent about this.


The box came full of some really great products this season, which surprised me. I was half expecting two or three self-tanning products and at least one sun-related item, but nothing about these really scream “summer beauty box,” and for that reason I’m actually happy. In list form, here’s what this box contained:

  • ColourPop Ultra Satin Lip in London Fog. This is a pretty pinky-red color, almost like a true strawberry. It’s quite saturated, and it WILL smear and bleed. Full size; 3.2g. Retail value: $6.
  • Deco Miami Lemon Blossom Cuticle Oil. This is a delicious-smelling cuticle oil that comes in an adorable small square polish bottle with a typical nail polish brush. While it’s mostly mineral oil and safflower oil, there is a bit of argan oil and bamboo extract to set it apart from cheap oils. Full size; 6ml. Retail value: $12.50img_7114
  • Deco Miai Pink Crystal Nail File. This is your standard crystal nail file, but it looks pretty sleek with it’s frosted glass appearance. Full size. Retail value: $10.50img_7115
  • Dirty Little Secret Cosmetics Eye Shadow Crayon in Gold Plated. While this is technically what most would consider a “beauty box brand,” this product is fairly decent; it feels very much like any other eye shadow crayon, but it is a little bit creamier and will smudge a bit more. Full size; 3g. Retail value: $14
  • Doucce Lush Lip Gloss in Glistening Petals. The only reason you know the shade name is because it’s on the info sheet; for whatever reason, Doucce didn’t think to print it on the tube! This is a very pigmented, slightly sticky gloss in a warm pinky nude shade. The third ingredient is lanolin oil, so I suspect this will feel pretty hydrating. Full size. Retail value: $22
  • Feel Beauty Bamboo Charcoal Facial Sheet Masks. Everybody should know by now that I love a good sheet mask. This look very intriguing, especially because I don’t see alcohol in the ingredients! However, I did see Shea butter, and I’m unsure if I want to use them because of my historical sensitivity to Shea. Full-size; two sheets. Retail value: $17.50 (based on $35 for a 4-pack)
  • Freeman Beauty Renewing Cucumber Peel-Off Gel Mask. I’m all for a peel-off mask, as I find them fun. This is a brand that is very affordable, and while it says it’s for normal to combo skin, I think this particular one will work for all skin types. Foil packet; 15ml. Retail value: $0.36 (based on $4.30 for a 6oz tube at Ulta)
  • Jonteblu Eyeliner Pencil in 905 Electric Bleu. This is a fun pencil liner in an oceanic blue shimmery shade. The formula feels creamy, not stiff. However, it’s not waterproof… Full size; 1.2g. Retail value: $5
  • MakeupDrop x BeautyCon Original Silicone Makeup Applicator. I think this is essentially the “sillisponge?” Until now, I’ve never heard of MakeupDrop.  It feels pretty substantial, but there’s one issue I have with the construction: there’s a film over it, which creates this “lip” of silicone on the bottom. Full size. Retail value: $20
  • Manna Kadar Beauty Flutter Mascara in Jet Black. The packaging on this is very beautiful and I actually enjoy the simple black look of the tube combined with the fun shape. I also like that it’s “jet black,” as I’m not a brown mascara kind of girl. My complaint is that this is not waterproof; I’m way more apt to try a new waterproof mascara than a normal one, especially during the summer. Full size; 10ml. Retail value: $29.img_7113

Now, onto swatches of the color products:


Lef to right, we have ColourPop London Fog, DLS Cosmetics Gold Plated, Doucce Glistening Petals, and Jonteblue Electric Bleu.

Overall retail value: $136.86. For $29 (or $36), this gives you a pretty good retail value. That said, I have yet to see how much personal value this will hold, as so much will depend upon how the products perform for me. Judging preliminarily, off of what I’d pay to purchase the items or similar items myself, I’m looking around $40-$45 or so on the lower end and maybe $60 or so on the higher end.


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