Unboxing // Ipsy June 2017: Volume Up

Another day, another unboxing… It’s what I do! Today’s unboxing is Ipsy’s June 2017 Glam Bag. The theme this month is “Volume Up,” which I think is inspired by Pride, as they say this about the bag:

This loud and proud pouch is a not-so-subtle reminder to *always* speak your mind!

“Loud and proud” definitely has that Pride vibe to it, as does speaking your mind. If I remember correctly, a lot of emails and teasers sent out felt very political, too. That said, the actual bag design isn’t super “Pride” or political; the design features large pop-art lips on a background of white polka dots on beige, and honestly, minus the pop-art style lips, it looks very delicate and pretty! It’s not my favorite bag, but it’s not one I’d be embarrassed to use.

So, what was in my Glam Bag this month? Let’s discover!

  • NYX Whipped Lip + Cheek Souffle in 05 Cocoa Bean. This was my sample choice for the month, and I’m decently pleased with it. I like the texture, and it is quite easy to “sheer out” to use as a cheek product. However, while the color is a good depth for my lips, I’m a bit scared to try to use it on my cheeks. It also has a slightly too-warm feel to me, and I honestly wish I had gotten the Plush shade instead, although that wasn’t an option for me when I selected what products I wanted. Full size; 8ml. Retail value: $5.99


    Swatches from top to bottom: NYX Cocoa Bean (sheered out on the right), theBalm Balm Springs, and City Color Cheers to Life

  • BioRepublic Skin Care Sheet Masks: Green Tea Detox + Aloe Rescue. WHO LOVES SHEET MASKS?! THIS GIRL! I love getting sheet masks from Ipsy (you get two masks for the one bag item). These ones look okay– not the best quality, but they don’t contain alcohol or Shea, which makes them good in my book. Full size; 2 masks at 28g each. Retail value: $10 if purchased individually ($9 per 2 masks when you purchase packs of 10).
  • theBalm Cosmetics Balm Springs Blush. I’ve enjoyed theBalm samples I’ve gotten in Ipsy before, but they are incredibly small. This pan is literally smaller than most eyeshadows!! The pro is that I might actually hit pan on it someday 😉 I’m not sure how easy it will be to use this as a blush, even though the color looks pretty nice- it’s a nice muted color, and it’s not too pigmented/dark, but it is a hair warmer than I’d like. I’m happy, though, that I get to try out a relatively new theBalm product… so. C’est la vie. Deluxe sample; 0.8g. Retail value: $2.99
  • City Color Cosmetics Shimmer Shadow in Cheers to Life. First, can I just say how much I love this shade name? It inspires so much happiness! I really enjoy City Color Cosmetics, because they’re quite affordable but their quality is pretty decent, and they’re cruelty free! This shade is a beautiful shimmery copper. The product feels more creamy than powder shadows, but it’s not a cream either. It’s a little bit textured, but oh my goodness, it’s a beautiful formula IMO. I might look into buying more of these!  Full size; 3.65g. Retail value: $3.99 on “special” ($4.99 regularly).
  • Skone Cosmetics Insanely Intense Tattooed Waterproof Eyeliner in Jet Black. How many black eyeliners does a normal person go through? It can’t be one a month, can it? Then why is Ipsy sending me a boring black eyeliner in every bag?! This is the third month in a row that I’ve gotten a basic eyeliner, and honestly? I’m over it. I’m refusing to open this one up until I’ve gone through all the liquid black liners I currently own… Full size; 2ml. Retail value: $15 on sale ($20 regularly)

Overall retail value: $43.97. This RV is, of course, calculated using regular prices, not sale prices. If we used sale prices and group discounts, this drops to $36.97.

This is a pretty good RV for a $10 beauty bag, however half of the value is carried by the Skone eyeliner, which IMO, who would buy a $20 eyeliner that isn’t known to be amazing? A quarter of this value is in the two sheet masks- and while I LOVE sheet masks, and I’m very happy to get them, I’d never pay more than $2.50 for a single one. I’m honestly quite excited for the NYX product, theBalm blush, City Color Cosmetics shadow, and sheet mask… I’m not excited for the basic black liner.

To me, this personal value is around $15 if I just severely undervalue the Skone eyeliner; however, if I get to the point where I can use it, it might be worth $5? I don’t know! Normally, I like my beauty boxes to have a personal value twice the cost, but given that this contains sheet masks, even though the PV is lower, I’m still okay, because I know that I’d spend the $2-4 on two additional sheet masks for my collection when the time comes, and this is a brand that I know and trust. I feel like, even though the value is a little low, these are products that are just lower-priced, not products I’m just “trying.” For instance, I’d definitely spend $5 on the City Color eyeshadows- I might even spend $7 if that’s how expensive they actually were.


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