Fragrances // Deconstructing Eden’s Poseidon


Brand: Deconstructing Eden
Perfume Name: 
Indie or Mainstream: Indie
Cost and size: Ranges. $2.75 for 2.5ml sample; $9.75 for 5ml; $18 for 15ml; $28 for 1oz.
Availability: Permanent as part of Deities collection.
Shop description: Crashing waves, seaweed absolute, ambergris, ozonic air, and a touch of petrichor.

My opinions: This is a true wet sea smell. I definitely get the crashing waves and petrichor listed. There’s a hint of seaweed, but it’s not as noticeable; I think the sea salt scent of “crashing waves” is too similar to the seaweed absolute to get a strong sense of the seaweed. I don’t notice much ambergris personally, but this may be because I’m so used to the scent of the ocean as is, and ambergris is found naturally in the sea! I get a hint of the ozonic air, but it isn’t strong to me. I like this personally, as most of the time I’m sickened by strong ozonic scents.

Longevity: High! This is a fragrance that stays on my skin, even longer than 24hrs. It isn’t as strong the next day, but I can still smell it.

Sillage and throw: Moderate. I haven’t received any comments while wearing this

Where this scent takes me: From the very first whiff, I’m transported to a small wharf. It’s early morning, and the boats docked are old. The air is warm, but not hot, and I’m comfortable wearing linen shorts. I’m sitting in an old schooner type boat, where I spent the night. It had rained all the night prior, and the skies are still a little grey, but the morning sun is starting to shine through.

When I would wear this: Late spring to early fall, during the day mostly, but possibly at night during the heart of summer. Any time I’m going to a beach, most definitely, or any time I want to remind myself of the sea.

Would I purchase a larger size of this scent? As much as I enjoy this scent, I’m not sure. It’s such a strong scent. I want to try out other oceanic scents before I commit to any full-size sea fragrance.


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