Unboxing // Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet: June 2017

June is finally wrapping up, and so are all of my June beauty boxes! I promise there are only a few more. Today’s unboxing is my Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet, and this may be my last one- I’ll explain after the unboxing.

To celebrate their third year, NMVC did a special, larger box this month, complete with seven products (normally there is about 4). The theme for this month was “Worst. Heroes. Ever.” It is inspired by the villians/heroes of Suicide Squad, and I will say that I really think Carrie outdid herself!

The items in this box include:

  • Mystic Matte Liquid Lipstick in “Stay Evil, Dollface.” This mystic matte is supposed to represent Harley Quinn by herself, no Joker involved! This is a beautiful deep crimson red.
  • Mini Highlighter in “Step Out of the Shadows.” This is a vegan highlighter that is eye safe but not lip safe. This is an item to represent the Enchantress.
  • Night Kiss Lip Balm in Lose Control. This lip balm is not one I can use due to Shea butter. It is scented cinnamon, sangria, and caramel. The scent is slightly spicy and feels more of a cool-weather scent than a summer scent. This product represents El Diablo.
  • Mini Shadowslisted below, to represent Katana, Boomerang, Killer Croc, and Deadshot
    • Stench of Death, which is a deep (almost black) brownish-burgundy with gold flecks. I think this one is supposed to represent Katana.
    • Here’s to Honor…, which is that beautiful red shade with silver flecks. I think this is the Deadshot-inspired shade.
    • Asset Relocation Specialist, which is a beautiful blue with a slight green shimmer. I believe this represents Boomerang
    • Ain’t You Scared?, which is a muted warm-green color with cold shimmer. This one represents Killer Croc.

Here are some swatches- note that these are finger swatches, taken from the tops of the lids.


From left to right, we have Stench of Death, Ain’t You Scared?, Here’s To Honor…, Asset Relocation Specialist, Step Out of the Shadows, and Stay Evil Dollface.

Overall thoughts: this was definitely a great value box, and while I’ve never seen Suicide Squad, I was able to identify color inspirations pretty easily by looking at pictures online (and then I googled the shade names). I think the colors can match each individual “hero” and overall they match together, too. Here’s to Honor… and Asset Relocation Specialist (the red and blue shadows) remind me a lot of Harley Quinn’s hair. The green shade reminds me of a more wearable toxic sludge color (similar to the colors on the DVD artwork). I enjoy those three color products together, too. The darker shade is a great outer-V darkening shade, too, and I think you can do a full-on look with these colors (and I might use the red and blue shade for Fourth of July makeup). The highlighter is very beautiful, but it pulls yellow on me (not too much of an issue, but I’ve been into cool-toned highlights as of late). I love the color of the Mystic Matte, but I will say I’m not a huge fan of the formula. This one smears quite a bit and never quite dries down. Overall, with a mini lipstick ($4.50), a night kiss balm ($3), a mini highlighter ($4), and 4 mini shadows (4x$2.25), this values for $22.50 (sorry, NM, this is NOT a RV of $33.50 if .

So, why am I cancelling? I simply am not reaching for and using loose shadows very often. I would love if she pressed her shadows, because I am way too lazy to use shadow binders and fiddle around with loose shadows on a daily basis. I love supporting indie brands, and I do fully recommend this sub to anybody who thinks they may like it; however, I just am not using these products enough to justify getting more of them in shades I cannot pick out myself.



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