Unboxing // The R29 Collection (Free Box with Walgreens Purchase)

Today’s unboxing is slightly different. This box is not, in any way, a subscription. This box instead was sent to me after I received a Catalina coupon (those coupons that print from those little machines at the registers) at Walgreens. This was after I filled a ton of prescriptions while sick, and I can’t remember if I got it with a purchase or with my prescriptions. It took about a month to get to me after I filled out my information online.

I wasn’t sure if I wanted to unbox it online, but I figure if I’m going to be trying any new products from this (which I will once I get my new gym membership), I should disclose where I received the items from the beginning. So, let’s unbox!

I love how this box looks- it’s a “millennial pink” kind of peachy color with cute white dots and some black lines- it overall looks summery, clean, and yet still fun. To me, this looks definitely targeted to my demographic of an early-20s female.


Inside, it looks just like any normal subscription box; the products and placement reminds me of the Walmart Beauty Box. Let’s get into the products I received.

  • Gillette Venus Sensitive Disposable Razor. This is their basic sensitive disposable razor. I usually use the Venus Embrace sensitive razor, which has five blades, versus the three in this. I don’t expect this razor to give me as good of a shave as I’m used to, but it will be useful to pack in a travel bag. Size: one razor. Retail value: $2.33 (a pack of 3 is $6.99 at Target).
  • Gillette Venus + Olay Shave Gel (Violet Swirl). I believe this same product came in another wellness box a bit ago, or I simply purchased it for my gym or travel bags… and I haven’t used it yet. It will definitely be used eventually, but as I haven’t done much traveling (or going to the gym) lately. Size: Deluxe Sample, 70g. Retail value: $1.05 (based off of $2.97 for a full size at Walmart)
  • Olay Cooling Body Wash (White Strawberry & Mint). This smells really delicious, and this is another item I’d be happy to put inside my gym bag (I am currently working through some large bottles of body wash). Size: Deluxe Sample, 89mL. Retail value: $1.18 (based off of $5.97 for a full size at Walmart)
  • Crest Pro Health Whitening Power Toothpaste. Like basically every product in this box, this is another great product to include in a travel or gym bag. It’s a stannous fluoride based toothpaste, which means it’s great for anti-cavity and anti-gingivitis properties while being a bit more gentle than sodium fluoride for sensitive teeth. Size: Travel, 24g. Retail value: $0.98 (at Walmart)
  • Herbal Essences Bio Renew Hydrate Coconut Milk Shampoo + Conditioner. Two mini, travel-friendly bottles that smell like most coconut-scented hair products- artificial, but not weirdly so. Size: 44ml each. Retail value: $1.30 total (based off of $5.92 for a full size of either one at Walmart).
  • Olay Eyes Ultimate Eye Cream. This claims to reduce dark circles, wrinkles, and puffiness. There are five of these small packets, but each packet probably has more than enough for two applications, so there is definitely enough here to see how this stuff works. I checked the ingredients list, since nothing is listed on the packets, and it is a silicone-base product that is Shea-free, so I can use it, but I must use it wisely under certain concealers. Size: 5×0.5ml. Retail value: $4.78 (based off of $24.86 for a full size container at Walmart).

Overall value: $11.62. For a totally free box, that’s really great! As I mentioned, this was sent to me after I received a coupon for it with a purchase at Walgreens, so this is a promotional box most likely sent to many people. For this reason, I feel this value is particularly pleasing!

Additional bonus: there are some coupons here as well: $1 off any two Herbal Essences Bio Renew,  $6 off any three Gilette Venus disposable razor packs, and $2 off any one Gillette Venus with Olay shave gel. Coupons are wonderful, but they only hold value if you would be purchasing the products anyway. These coupons are only valid at Walgreens (or Duane Reade), and Walgreens prices tend to be higher than Walmart as is… For instance, the coupon for the razors would make a three-pack about $8.99, which is definitely more expensive than their price at Walmart. This is why I don’t include coupons in value


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