Unboxing // Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet July 2017: “Love Stinks”

I’ll make this post brief. I was thinking about unsubbing, and I still am, from this beauty box. I mentioned before that while I love supporting indie brands, and while NM’s items are good quality, I just find I don’t use loose shadows that much because they are inconvenient. However, whenever I go to unsubscribe, I just think about how much I want to support indie brands… Ugh. The struggle.

Anyway, this month’s theme for the Vanishing Cabinet was 80’s fun via The Wedding Singer.


The box came with a blush and three shadows (all mini sizes), plus a $10 off any purchase code (sorry- no sharing allowed; only open to VC subscribers. I love you all, but I also love helping indie brands/real people be profitable).

Here’s some info on them all:

  • Church Kiss (blush). I would describe this as a very shimmery mid-tone medium cool pink. I do like it, but I think it is just too shimmery and too dark on me to be an everyday blush. However, it did need a few swatches (as I was scared of getting “too much” product knocked out of the sifter), so I’m sure I can sheer it out quite easily.
  • Pretty Pretty Please. This is the fuscia-looking eyeshadow. It appears to have a slightly more purple shift to it. It’s not quite neon but still very 80s inspired.
  • Whoopity Doo. This is that blue shade! It’s darker than the typical 80s blue, making it look way more wearable for today, but it’s still, you know, blue.
  • Grade-A. This is that silvery-grey shade on the bottom there. It actually has a strong pink shift to it that I totally failed to capture appropriately.

Overall: I don’t usually do retail value for NMVC unboxings, as the value for me is in supporting an indie business. This box contains all minis: $4 value for the blush and $2.75 for each shadow. This makes the box’s value lower than the price, but when you factor in the shipping, it’s still a good deal, and it’s fun.  The colors in this definitely do say “80s” but a bit more low-key; I probably won’t wear the products all together, but for a pop of color once in a while, I will reach for them.


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