First Impressions // Blinc Electric Eyes Palette

While this palette came in my July Boxycharm, I put it aside as part of my rewards system for working on healthier habits. I shockingly earned it pretty quickly, and I couldn’t wait to give it a try! Here are my first impression and initial thoughts on this palette.


The first thing I notice about this palette is the lack of diverse finishes. All of the shades are shimmery- there’s not much variation at all in the level of shimmer, even. For a five-pan palette, I’m not expecting much, but for those who like matte transition shades, this could never be a standalone palette. The second thing I noticed is how similar the colors were. While they are all distinct colors, they are quite close together. This isn’t inherently negative; these color are all cohesive. In the pans, these colors look more neutral-toned; on my arm, they all looked much warmer. Here are my descriptions of the colors, in pan and on my arm:

  • Orpime: In pan, a shimmery medium bronze. On my wrist, slightly more golden.
  • Rhodini: In pan, a shimmery medium magenta. On my wrist, it appears much more warm, with red and even some orange showing.
  • Vanadini: In pan, a neutral light rose-gold. On my wrist, it just appears slightly darker.
  • Autuni: In pan, a medium to light shimmery gold that is a bit muted. On my wrist, the warmth is increased.
  • Sphene: In pan, a shimmery neutral-to-warm light golden highlight shade. On my wrist, it appears much more yellow.

Let’s talk about shade names for a moment. While you don’t see the shade names on the palette while using it, there are names printed on the back of the palette. I find these names confusing, and I had to look them up to see if there was any meaning.

  • Orpime is the name of a specific antibiotic, and orpiment is a type of mineral/rock that is bright orange due to a high arsenic concentration… The color of Orpime is not the color of orpiment.
  • Rhodini was hard to find online; the closest thing I could come up with was a restaurant of the name and E. Rhodini, a stream turtle. I don’t see how either of these leads to this color. When I looked up Rhodinite, I did find a mineral that is a bright pinky-red or rose-pink color, which is similar to the color of Rhodini in pan.
  • Vanadini was also hard to find, and it bright me to vanadinite, a crystal that can is usually bright red or red-orange. The color of vanadinite reminds me more of Rhodini’s color once swatched on my skin
  • Autuni might be representative of the crystal/mineral autunite, which oddly can be primary found at the base of Mt. Spokane, where I grew up. Autunite is a lemon-yellow or greenish-yellow to pale green crystal, normally- not this slightly muted golden color I see in this shadow. However, there is some green in Autuni, so there’s that I guess.
  • And finally, we have Sphene. Sphene is actually a gemstone of titanite (why not call it Titani, Blinc?). Sphene stones are usually some shade of chartreuse, and yellow-green color.

So, I think that these shades are named after different crystalline minerals, which makes sense as Blinc calls this palette “jewel tone.” However, I think the execution of this inspiration is awful! While I am grateful that these shades work well together and are wearable, I don’t see the crystal inspiration in these shades at all, and I think this would be better as a cherry-pie themed palette, honestly.

Onto performance! 

  • Pigmentation: I would say all of these have great pigmentation. There is more pigmentation in these than in any drugstore shadow I’ve used!
  • Consistency: During my initial finger swatch, these shadows felt creamy and buttery, not chalky or dusty at all. Even when grabbing the product with a brush, I didn’t notice any kickback. I did not observe much if any fall out at all with these shadows during application.
  • Blending: I was able to easily blend these, even with my subpar blending skills. However, I did use a stiffer and more dense blending brush. It should be noted here that while they blended easily, I did not accidentally blend it all away, as I have a habit of doing with most other shadows.

And finally, the look I managed to create:

I used Orpime in the crease, Rhodini on the lid, Vanadini in the center of my lid, and then Sphene near the brown bone and in my inner corner. I used a brush for Orpime, a flat brush for Rhodini, and then my fingers for Vanadini and Sphene before blending out with a clean brush.


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