Review // Revlon Balm Kiss in Berry Burst

Hello all! Today, I’m reviewing another product I “earned” for my healthy habits behavior modification- Revlon’s Kiss Balm in Berry Burst, a nicely pigmented tinted balm in a crayon format. Let’s get to the review!

First Impressions + Packaging: The packaging is very easy to use. It twists up when you need more product. It’s about the size I expect from a crayon tinted balm, fitting easily in my pocket, but it isn’t as small as a typical lip balm. I like this because I lose normal balms way too easily. The cap is a cheap, tinted clear plastic, and I’m worried it will fall off often.

Shade + Tone: This color is a berry- a medium magenta/slightly purply-pink red color. It’s not muted, but it’s not overly bright. It is moderately sheer; my lip color does peek through, but there is a definite tint. I would describe the tint as neutral; I notice my natural lip’s tones shining through, and it isn’t overly warm or overly cool itself. It can be built up for a better effect. Runs low risk of looking sloppy if used as a balm (without a mirror), but it has more pigment than many other tinted balms.

Finish: Medium shine, cream. Can appear almost glossy, but it doesn’t have high shine.

Application: This product is easy to apply. You can twist it up easily from the bottom. Because it’s medium sheer, it’s easy to apply quickly without a mirror- low risk of looking sloppy!

Performance + Feel: I believe in the past I’ve included finish in this section, as part of “look,” but I wanted to separate “finish” and “look;” look is more about how it performs rather than how shiny or matte it is. Anyway, this product looks pretty darn good. I don’t notice it settling into any lines. It doesn’t break up. It look over-done. It’s nice! This is slightly slick, but a little waxy- reminds me of normal lip balms but perhaps a hair thicker on the lips. Feels hydrating. I noticed no peeling or cracking throughout the day (a huge plus for me). My lips feel more hydrated after using this regularly for a day vs not putting anything on them, but they do not feel as hydrating as some specific balms (like pure lanolin).

Transfer: Being so sheer, I hardly notice transfer. It transfers like a balm, where I notice transfer in term of the waxy/balmy bits, but I don’t notice much color transfer because of how sheer this is.

Longevity: The balm itself lasts a while, but it doesn’t hold up to eating. I find I reapply this balm often throughout the day simply for the hydrating and moisturization effect. It leaves behind a minor stain.

Overall: I’m surprised to say that I give this product a 9/10. It’s so easy to use, looks really nice on me, is decently hydrating, and best of all, it’s inexpensive at anywhere from $4-$5. I’m only knocking it a point because the smell can be a bit overwhelming over time.



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