About Me + My Blog

Hello and welcome! Thanks for visiting my blog! My name is Lucy. I’m 22, and while I’m originally from just outside of Spokane, Washington, I’ve been living in Helena, Montana for the past four and a half years when I started college. In 2015, I graduated from Carroll College with a degree in biology (minors in chemistry and psychology- those are fun stories!) and I just haven’t left the city yet. My boyfriend, who graduated with me with a degree in computer information systems, works here in Helena for a company called Deloitte. We’ve been together for a while (coming up on 5 years) and have been living together since we graduated. He’s pretty wonderful. If you want to know a little about me, I have some questions + answers here.

I notice you mention mental illnesses (as well as other illnesses and prescriptions) sometimes. Why?

I have MDD- major depressive disorder- which I work very hard to control. I’m also recovered from some disordered eating. While I was never formally diagnosed because my depression took center stage and some of my professionals chose not to diagnose or label me at all (at least to my face), it most closely resembled EDNOS or OSFED, specifically atypical anorexia nervosa. However, it “evolved” as I got older to just me, well, messy. Again, this is not diaagnosed. I just knew something was wrong.

I also suffer from increased risk of ovarian cysts. This is not PCOS! When I was in college, my first year, I hadn’t been on any kind of medication, and I developed one. It burst one day as I was walking to a chemistry lab and ended up in the hospital (after an ambulance ride). I have a birth control prescription to help control this, and I haven’t had a similar incidence yet.

What do you want to do with your life?

While I don’t particularly know right now, I’ve always been incredibly interested in neurology and have been thinking about going into neuropsychology research. Currently, I work at a children’s psychiatric hospital on a residential unit. I love my job most days, but it can be very taxing! I love the population I serve, and whatever I do, I hope I can do something to help us understand and treat mental illnesses, trauma, and/or development disorders.

Why is there a pug in your header? 

I love pugs! My first dog (that was mine) was a fawn pug that I named Cinnamon Sugar Spice. She got very sick when she was around 15, and on December 30, 2015 I made the choice to put her out of her misery. I miss her, and having a pug on my header makes me think that maybe her spirit is still with me.

You write a lot about beauty. Can you tell us more about your experiences?

Throughout my life, “beauty” has never truly been a concern of mine. I was “the smart kid;” I focused on learning and studying. Even in college, makeup was a rarity for me. Between studying and dealing with personal health issues, I never really found any true “reason” to get into beauty. Sure, in high school I may have played a little bit, dying my hair a really awful red, but most experiences were a bit scarring. I had never found products that worked well for me, and as my mom was so naturally beautiful, she didn’t really see a point in makeup either and thus wasn’t going to spend $50/bottle to find my foundation shade.

My foray into the world of beauty started my junior year of college when I decided my hair color needed a change: I wanted purple hair. My health was suffering greatly at the time; I was in the depths of a horrible depressive episode. And so at 1 in the morning, I box-dyed my hair. But it didn’t take to my hair too much. In fact, I did this so many times and all I ever got was a warm magenta sheen to my dark brown natural color. I branched out and tried a blue-sheened black, which I loved, but it washed out within two weeks. After that, I got a Sally’s card and started mixing my own dye. After this, I became almost obsessed with hair and ended up getting it professionally done as a purple balayage. I love it so much! That opened the gates to makeup, and then skin care, and so it began.

Beauty is an easy topic for me to write about, especially because I’m still searching for a good foundation and love to write reviews. For that reason, I do post a lot about beauty products.

What other things do you love?

Oh so many!

  • Knitting
  • Spinning (I have a “life goal” of spending a summer doing a riding tour down the west coast on Highway 101)
  • Lifting weights (although not as much recently- getting into a gym has been a struggle for me)
  • Yoga
  • Science– oh dear lord I am a scientist at heart and I’m not content unless I’m doing some kind of investigative experiment, even if it’s as simply as “how long will this product last me.” I know this encompasses a lot, but the fundamental ideas of chemistry, biology, and psychology are interesting to me.
  • Playing piano
  • Reading, especially fantasy and sci-fi
  • Tea! I drink mainly rooibos, but I have an entire hutch full of tea I am flavoring.

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