Compendium of Foundations and Base Products

A proper foundation is one of the biggest components in good makeup, which is why it is particularly frustrating when you just. can’t. find. a. match. No matter how many bloggers I read, I still can’t get a good feel for what foundation would work for me- probably because people tend to do simple swatches on the inside of their wrist, which tells me actually nothing.

This page is essentially just for me keep an index of all the foundations I’ve tried and some info about each one and what I thought about it.

**Note: Page is currently under construction!! Sorry if the formatting is off for a bit!!**


Foundations I’ve tried (swatched or used)

  1. Almay
    1. TLC
      1. Ivory 120: Own but still need to actually wear it for a day. May be too dark.
  2. bareMinerals
    1. bareSkin Brightening Serum: I liked how this one performed.
      1. Porcelain 01: Something was very, very off about this color. It looked too dark and ended up orange on me. It makes the rest of me look PINK, and I’m more neutral/peachy-pink. Hrm. Swatches coming soon, but I have posted a Review.
    2. Original Powder Foundation: It’s better than any other powder I’ve used, but it’s still a powder 😛
      1. Fair: This is what I’ve used for a long time. Swatches and reviews to come.
      2. Fairly Light: To me this actually looks a bit darker than fair but it might be a better shade. I haven’t used it in a while, but swatches and reviews to come…
      3. Light: Too warm IMO, but again… swatches and reviews to come.
  3. Benefit
    1. Big Easy: Recieved as sample. Review may follow.
      1. 01: Swatches
    2. Hello Flawless: Recieved as sample. Review may follow.
      1. Ivory: Swatches.
  4. CoverGirl
    1. Outlast Stay Fabulous: It’s just okay. A little cakey.
      1. Ivory. This seems to make my face look a little too saturated. Review coming soon!
  5. Hard Candy
    1. Glamouflage: I’m not sure entirely what I think yet. Good pale selection, but seems to be too cakey
      1. Porcelain: Swatches and Review coming soon.
      2. Ivory: I think I like this color. Swatches and review coming soon.
  6. Innisfree
    1. Perfect Cover
      1. #13: Swatches and Review coming eventually
    2. Dust Block
      1. #21. Swatches and Review coming eventually.
  7. Japonesque
    1. Liquid Foundation
      1. #03: Purchased this accidentally; meant to get #01. Too dark after initial swatches and returned. No review. Swatches
  8. Josie Maran
    1. Vibrancy: This is a totally lovely foundation that works super well on mega dry skin!! Right now, it is the closest I have a holy grail foundation! Note: since writing my review, I’ve noticed that it does get a little patchy after several hours of wear.
      1. Dynamic RG5: Matches me almost perfectly!! I love it! Swatches and Review.
  9. Kat Von D
    1. Lock-It Tattoo Foundation: Felt really tight on my skin and may be too drying
      1. L42: May actually be TOO light and TOO pink for my skin. Gives horrid flashback, too. Swatches and Review
  10. Koh Gen Do:
    1. Aqua: I got these as a sample set, so I won’t post each individual shade swatches. Instead, find them here.
      1. #002: May be too dark. May review, but haven’t actually tried yet.
      2. #012: Similar to Maifanshi Moisture. This is the most likely one to review.
      3. #013: Looks a bit too warm on me, but again, may review.
      4. #113: Looks too yellow. Will not be reviewing.
      5. #213: Uh, no, color looks way too saturated yellow. Will not even review.
      6. Swatches: #002, #012, #013, #113, #213
    2. Maifanshi Moisture: I really liked how this felt on my skin and it left a beautiful finish, but it’s quite expensive for lackluster coverage. Again, sampler set, so find all the color swatches here.
      1. #001: May be too light, may fit. Will try and review.
      2. #002: Looks too dark; will not be reviewing.
      3. #112: Looks kind of strange on me. Will probably not be reviewing.
      4. #012:  I happened to really like this color on me, but looking back it doesn’t seem quite right. I had used this prior to trying a lot out, so I didn’t know exactly what it should look like on me. Review.
  11. Laura Geller
    1. Baked Liquid Radiance: Not a great shade range, honestly.
      1.  Porcelain: I will probably never wear this based on the swatch. Too dark and too orange on me. Swatches.
  12. L’oreal
    1. True Match Super Blendable: Gets patchy and isn’t luminous, may be too drying.
      1. Soft Ivory N1: This is decent in terms of a color match, but it is a bit too dark and gets patchy in places. Review coming soon!
  13. MAC (hold onto your hats, friends!)
    1. Mineralize Moisture:
      1. NC15: Not 100% sure how I feel yet. Swatches and reviews to come.
    2. Pro Longwear Nourishing Waterproof: I actually do like it, but it has the tendency to get patchy and has some flashback
      1. NW15: OKAY color. Swatches and review to come.
    3. Studio Fix: May be too matte and drying on my skin.
      1. NW10: Looks decent! Swatches and review to come.
    4. Studio Sculpt:
      1. NC25: Swatches coming soon. I really want to try this out but this shade is all wrong. May purchase in NW15!
    5. Studio Waterweight: Decent but gets patchy
      1. NC15: Swatches coming soon
      2. NW13: Seems to be a good match. Swatches + review coming soon.
  14. Make Up Forever
    1. HD Foundation
      1. Y225 (Old 117): Looks really light in swatches, oddly, but might work. Review will come eventually. Unsure about it. Swatches.
      2. R230: I think I like undertones better in this one but it looks much too dark. Swatches.
  15. Maybelline
    1. Fit Me Dewy + Smooth: Overall, I loved the finish on this, but they oxidize easily and always look orange. Reviews to come soon.
      1. 110: Too dark and too orange on me.
      2. 115: Also too dark and too orange. Swatches
    2. Fit Me Matte + Poreless: Formula is too matte for dry skin, but the shades are lighter in this.
      1. 112: The color works out well, but it’s a bit too dark and the formulation is too drying and looks horrible on me. Review to come soon. Swatches
    3. Dream Liquid Mousse:
      1. Porcelain Ivory. Too dark on me, a touch cakey but not bad. Swatches and Review
  16. Missha
    1. Perfect Cover: I do like this formula and think it looks great on me, but it is a silicone-free base product, which means I have to change my entire routine to fit it
      1. #13: One of the best fits I’ve found. Swatches. Review
    2. Signature Complexion Coordinating
      1. White: Swatches and review coming.
  17. Mizon
    1. Snail Repair BB Cream (only one color): Swatches and review coming
  18. Revlon
    1. ColorStay Whipped Creme: Too drying and gets patchy.
      1. Ivory: This actually matches me very well, but the formula is a little too drying. Review to come soon  Swatches
      2. Buff: Too dark, just in general looked wrong. Will not be reviewing.  Swatches
    2. PhotoReady Airbrush Effects
      1. Ivory: Too dark, I think. Stay tuned for a review!
    3. PhotoReady BB Cream: I happen to loooove how it feels, but shade range leaves much to be desired.
      1. Fair: Pretty noticeable on me, but I bought this when I was using mostyl Maybelling Dewy 115, which was so dark that when I put this on, it was passable. Swatches. Might get to a review soon.
  19. Rimmel London
    1. Lasting Finish: Generally works, but it stays far too tacky for too long and isn’t my favorite..
      1. Light Ivory: Works alright. Swatches and Review
      2. Ivory: Too dark; looks weird on me. Swatches and Review
      3. Classic Ivory: Didn’t even try it out after the swatch because it was clearly the wrong color. Will not be reviewing. Swatches
    2. Stay Matte: Patchy and strange on my skin, too drying.
      1. Light Porcelain: I liked the color in normal light but it was far too pink and light in flash photography (flashback?). Swatches and Review
  20.  Shiseido
    1. Radiant Lifting: Decent, I suppose, but it was a bit flakey. Better than most foundations that are more matte.
      1. Ochre 00 (O00): Too dark and saturated  on me (wrong undertones?). Swatches and Review
  21. Stila
    1. Illimunating Liquid Foundation.
      1. 10 Watts. Swatches. I’ll get to a review soon.
  22. Supergoop!
    1. CC Cream
      1. Fair/Light: Pretty darn yellow. MIGHT try it out and review. Swatches.
  23.  Tarte
    1. Doubly Duty Hybrid Gel. I really like how this feels!
      1. Fair-Light Neutral: Looks slightly off. Will be doing swatches and review soon. Swatches and Review
  24. Too Faced
    1. Born This Way Liquid
      1. Porcelain: Swatches.  May review soon but unlikely as it looks pretty dark.
  25. Urban Decay
    1. Naked Skin Liquid: It’s okay but not great. It accentuates any bumpiness and is a bit too drying, but it works just fine.
      1. Shade 0.5. Might be a little bit too dark. Review coming soon! Swatches. Also, look below for a swatch next to 2.0!
      2. Shade 2.0. I’m not going to be reviewing this one (seems kind of unnecessary), but I do have a good swatch of it next to 0.5
    2. Naked Skin Beauty Balm
      1. Illuminating: Holy dark, batman! Swatches here. Will not be offering a review- just too dark.