My Subscription Boxes

I have tried out (and currently subscribe to) many subscription boxes. Here, you can find a list of all I’ve tried, all I currently have, and some links to unboxings, and eventually full-on review posts!

As a disclaimer: this page does contain affiliate links. Not every box has an affiliate link, but the ones that do, I am posting here. Some of them will actually give YOU something for it, so don’t be afraid to use them. Regardless of affiliate links, I always give 100% honest reviews and opinions, and if I recommend a box, I recommend it period, regardless of if you use my link/code or not! Review and overview links are not affiliate links; they just bring you to that specific blog post of mine.

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Allure Beauty: Some love this subscription, but I’ve had a different experience.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $29/box or $99/year (four boxes) + $7/box shipping (not upfront)
  • Product type: drugstore to high-end; mix of DS and some foil packets.
  • Curation and personalization: no personalization; unsure about how they curate.
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Posts: March 2016Why I Unsubbed

Beauteque BB Bag: This beauty box is entirely Asian products, but they ship out from New Jersey, so you don’t have to wait several weeks to get these new products!

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $24/month + $3.95 shipping to the US ($6.95 to Canada and $9.95 international). $22/month when you pre-pay for a month
  • Product type: Asian beauty (makeup, skin/body/hair/etc). Six full-size items per bag.
  • Curation and personalization: Curated to fit a theme.
  • Status: Just subscribed- May 2017 is first bag!
  • Posts: None yet

Beauty Army: This one has been up and down- and not one I typically recommend to anybody. They have changed quite a bit over the last couple years- and it seems they recently changed again and I can’t even get to their kit pages.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $12/month
  • Product Type: Six foils/deluxe samples, usually drugstore brand items.
  • Curation and personalization: You can personalize your items based off of the samples they have available. The samples don’t change very often…
  • Satus: Cancelled; probably won’t do again.
  • Posts: June 2016

Beauty Box 5: Another typical beauty subscription, but in my experience, the items feel less cohesive for my age group.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $12/month, $30/quarterly ($10 per box), or $109/year ($9.08 per box)
  • Product Type: Five products, usually DS with some full size and the occasional foil. Items are usually drugstore/low-end “little known” or “beauty box” companies. They claim a value of $35+
  • Curation and personalization: Curated but not entirely cohesive.
  • Satus: Cancelled.
  • Posts:

BeautyCon: Typically, each box is curated by a beauty guru/inspiration, such as Grav3yardGirl or Kandee Johnson. They promise over $100 in value in each box

  • Shipment Frequency: Seasonal/quarterly
  • Price: $29/box or $99/year (four boxes) + $7/box shipping (not upfront)
  • Product type: drugstore and mid-end; deluxe samples to full-size.
  • Curation and personalization: entirely curated; no personalization and very little variation.
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Posts: Summer 2016 (Kandee Johnson)

Benevolent Beauty Box: The woman who runs this, Rachel, is so sweet and really passionate about her box: it’s a true cruelty-free box that offers products that are entirely cruelty-free, including parent companies!

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $30/month for month-to-month; mini box available for $16/month
  • Product type: 4-7 full size entirely CF products in their full box; 2-3 products featured in their mini box.
  • Curation and personalization: Some variation based on a profile but not a ton.
  • Status: Cancelled
  • Posts: May 2016June 2016July 2016

Birchbox: Similar to Ipsy, but more skin-and-hair care oriented (Ipsy is almost entirely makeup). Samples range from foil packets to deluxe samples with the rare full-size item. Comes in a cute box. $10/month, month-to-month. Points system used to be great, but it recently changed and the box is no longer worth it to me. Unsubbed because the points change made it a poor value for me.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $10/month
  • Product type: About five foil packets or deluxe samples with the rare full-size product. Usually mid to higher end.
  • Curation and personalization: Option for an entirely curated box you can see upfront OR a box curated to fit your profile.
  • Status: Cancelled.
  • Posts: March 2016April 2016May 2016June 2016July 2016,

Boxycharm: This box runs a bit more expensive than others, but it features full size products instead of samples. Each box comes with 4-5 full-size beauty products (not just makeup). $19.66/month, quarterly subscription ($59 for 3 months at a time). Current sub ending after August 2016.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $25/month or $59/3-months ($19.66/box).
  • Product type: 4-5 full size items, usually some “beauty box” brands to mid/high-end.
  • Curation and personalization: Curated with a few variations based on beauty profile.
  • Status: Cancelled, then re-subbed recently.
  • Posts:

Choix/SoChoix: This box is more of a “sample products you want to try” style sub.  You choose what samples you want, and they prepare the samples themselves, so it’s not quite the same. It’s often in small pots or little tiny pump bottles, which is nice but also usually low-value.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly shipments
  • Price: $15/month (5 samples) or $160/year (5 samples x 12 months for 60 samples) for So Choix Elite, or $50/year (10 samples) for So Choix Petite. Additional samples are $3/sample.
  • Product type: Typically mid to high-end, but samples are usually very small.
  • Curation and personalization: entirely self-selected
  • My Status: Cancelled- not renewing
  • Posts: None currently- sorry!

Ipsy: A fun make-up bag with ~5 samples (ocassionally full-size) with a makeup

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly shipments
  • Price: $10/month (free shipping)
  • Product type: Typically drugstore to mid end. Usually 5 products each month (I’ve never actually had it vary). Mostly deluxe sample with a few drugstore full-size.
  • Curation and personalization: Personalization quiz supposedly is used when curating- they take five products from a big list of potentials. Some lucky people can choose one of their five products a month out of a list of five or so featured products.
  • My Status: Currently active
  • Posts: March 2016, April 2016, May 2016, June 2016November 2016February 2016April 2017

Julep Maven: What started out as just nail polish has branched into cosmetics and skin care! Bonus perks: you can skip any month you want- NO obligation! Sometimes will do secret/mystery boxes as well, and they have great sales after box selection goes down.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly shipments
  • Price: $19.99/month when you pay 3 months in advance; $24.99 month-to-month. For a more “deluxe” (larger) box, you can pay more.
  • Product type: Full size products of their own brand. Usually 2 polishes + a skin care, makeup, or body care product, but sometimes it’s two full-size skin/hair/body products or 3 polishes.
  • Curation and personalization: Each month has a new curated theme with some new and some old or re-vamped products. There are several curated options, or you can choose to customize it to your liking and swap products in/out.
  • My Status: Currently active.
  • Posts: 

Lip Monthly: A beauty box that is entirely lip-product focused.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $13/month
  • Product type: Four DS to full-size products, usually 3 lip + 1 non-lip; drugstore and “beauty box” brands.
  • Curation and personalization: Curated
  • My Status:  Cancelled, then re-subbed recently for a bit.
  • Posts: 

Mask Maven by Beauteque. This is a subscription bag that gives you 9-11 masks (mostly sheet, but others like hand, feet, and lip), with a heavy focus on Asian brands. $15/month, month-to-month, plus $3 shipping. I had this April-June, then skipped my next renewal and forgot about it, so I am getting October-December again.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly shipments
  • Price: $15/month + $3 shipping. You can get a slight discount by pre-paying for several items.
  • Product type: Asian masks, predominately sheet.
  • Curation and personalization: Curated to fit a theme (usually no personalization)
  • My Status: Paused/cancelled- will most likely continue to avoid renewal for a while.
  • Posts: June 2016

Notoriously Morbid Vanishing Cabinet. This is the only “indie branded” box that I get! Notoriously Morbid is an indie cosmetics company. This box is $13.25/month (after shipping).

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly shipments
  • Price: $13.25/month after shipping to the US
  • Product type: Self-branded (indie); 3-5 products; usually loose powder shadows plus one or two additional items.
  • Curation and personalization: Curated to fit a theme; no personalization
  • My Status: Currently active.
  • Posts: Sept 2016Box Overview

Scent Trunk: Scent Trunk is based in Canada used to deal with indie perfumes, but now they appear to blend them theirselves.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly shipments
  • Price: $13/month (used to be $18)
  • Product type: Custom-blended perfume in a small atomizer (one per month)
  • Curation and personalization: Custom blend based off of your feedback.
  • My Status: Cancelled and won’t re-sub (I liked the indie plan better)
  • Posts: April 2016, May 2016, June 2016

Target: This isn’t a true beauty box sub; you have to buy each box as they open up. I get them sometimes.

  • Shipment Frequency: Usually, new boxes are available monthly. No obligation to buy!
  • Price: $7-13, usually about $10.
  • Product type: Drugstore; usually DS but some full-size.
  • Curation and personalization: Curated by Target; can see items ahead of time.
  • My Status: I check each month, but often don’t buy.
  • Posts: April 2016, June 2016,

Walmart: Small box put out by Walmart- the most affordable and often times quite practical subscription!

  • Shipment Frequency: Seasonally/quarterly
  • Price: $5/box, and you sign up for the whole year.
  • Product type: Drugstore; DS and foil packets with some full-size products that are small.
  • Curation and personalization: A few variations exist, but you don’t really have a say.
  • My Status: Active?
  • Posts: Spring 2016, Summer 2016,

Beauty Boxes-2.png

Fandom of the Month: A small fandom-themed accessories box

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $13/month
  • Product type: Accessories and jewelry created by the box’s owner.
  • Curation and personalization: Entirely curated to fit a fandom.
  • Status: Cancelled then re-subbed
  • Posts: May 2016June 2016July 2016

JustFab: A different type of sub- you get a credit for an item in-store each month that’s worth the price you paid for it, but you can store credits and use them on anything.

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly, but you can skip as much as you want
  • Price: $39.95/credit
  • Product type: Clothing, hand bags, shoes, and accessories from JustFab (their own brand)
  • Curation and personalization: You can choose exactly what they want.
  • Status: Active
  • Posts: None yet.

Trunk Club: A personal styling service; you get a stylist to help select clothing for you, and then their choices come to you to try on at home. You can send items back, but if you choose some

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $25/month + cost of any clothes you keep
  • Product type: Up to about 15 different items, usually mid to high end pieces.
  • Curation and personalization: Curated to be personalized based on your preferences. You get a stylist to help you- and you directly message them!
  • Status: Just subbed!
  • Posts: None yet.

Beauty Boxes-5.png A subscription box for readers!

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $10/month + $5/shipping. Slight discounts for longer subs ($28/3-month + $15 total shipping)
  • Product type: Two books/month (four if you choose children’s picture books)
  • Curation and personalization: You can choose your genre (mine is sci-fi/fantasy), but they “hand pick” two books from that genre.
  • Status: Active for May 2017
  • Posts: None yet!

Beauty Boxes-4.png

Love with FoodThis is a snack related box. For each small box you get, the company donates a meal to hungry kids!

  • Shipment Frequency: Monthly
  • Price: $10/month (month to month), discounts on longer subs (for their smallest package)
  • Product type: 5-7 different snack-sized items (like bags of chips, energy bars, little candies, etc).
  • Curation and personalization: Curated to fit a monthly theme (kind of)
  • Status: Cancelled